Addressing Hip Pain: What to Expect at your Doctor's Visit

 Addressing Hip Pain: What To Expect At Your Doctor’s Visit

 If your hip has been bothering you — making it uncomfortable to sleep or causing you pain throughout the day — it may be time to see a physician.

But what should you expect when you go in for your first visit?

Dr. William Peace with Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center in metro Denver recently walked us through a routine appointment that involves hip pain. We’ll skip over the paperwork, but be prepared to fill out the standard new patient questionnaire and provide your medical history.

“Usually we’ll see what medications you’re taking for pain, if you’ve had any physical therapy,” Dr. Peace explained. “We look for the motion in the hip, as well as whether certain types of movements are painful. We also check muscle strength and see if there are any nerve injuries. Then we’ll usually get an x-ray of the hip that we’ll review with you.”

The purpose is to determine the source of the pain, which could be arthritis, an abnormal shape to the hip socket, or another type of abnormality.

“Arthritis is the leading cause,” Dr. Peace said. “It’s always good to know early on what the cause of the pain is because, depending on how severe the arthritis is, there are different treatments that we can do. There are always conservative measures that we can do to keep the arthritis from advancing.”

Treatment for hip pain will typically begin with the use of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, prescription anti-inflammatories and lubricating injections. These conservative treatments generally produce good results in mild to moderate arthritis and are effective in relieving pain.

Dr. Peace views the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership. He emphasized the importance of choosing a doctor you can trust as you decide together which options will work the best for you to address your hip pain.

“When you’re looking to choose a doctor, it’s got to be someone you’re comfortable with,” he said.


Dr. Peace will be speaking more on this topic and at the Amazing Aging Expo on Saturday Sepetember 28th. For more information contact Samantha Cook at (720)497-6676.

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