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Top Bunion Questions Answered  

Posted on December 29, 2022

So, you have a bunion. There are a lot of questions you want answered like how serious is a bunion, if you’ll need surgery, and most of all, when can you get back to doing what you love. Foot and ankle surgeon, and one of 5280’s Top Doctors, Dr. Katherine Dederer answers the most common questions people ask about bunions. 

Do bunions go away naturally? 

Bunions are something you’re either born with, or that you develop in adulthood, so it’s rare to see them go away by themselves. If your bunions start to become symptomatic, we recommend making an appointment with your local physician. 

When should I get surgery for a bunion?

The choice for bunion surgery depends on the individual. If the pain from your bunions is preventing you from daily activities and doing what you love, we recommend talking through your options with a physician.

What shoes should I wear with bunions?

Shoes can often be painful for people who have bunions. Instead of high heeled shoes, or tight-fitting leather, you should opt for shoes with a wider toe box and soft, flexible material such as mesh.

What is the main cause of bunions?

Bunions primarily result from genetics or lifestyle choices. They are more common in women and are connected to wearing tight-fitting shoes.

What happens if bunions go untreated?

If untreated, bunions can get worse overtime, especially if you get a bunion later in life. If you are born with a bunion, or develop it earlier on in life, it may never become symptomatic.

How long is recovery from bunion surgery?

Recovery from bunion surgery varies based on the individual and the procedure. For minimally invasive bunion surgery, you can be back on your feet as soon as two weeks. For more severe bunions, recovery takes closer to 6 weeks. By 3 months after surgery, most patients should be feeling back to 100%.

Do bunion straps actually work?

You may have heard of nighttime bunion straps, or other bunion fixes. There isn’t a device you can by over the counter that will permanently cure a bunion. Toe spacers and sleeves can help manage symptomatic bunion pain in the short term, but they will not correct a bunion.

Dr. Katherine Dederer is a foot and ankle surgeon at Panorama Orthopedics & Spine, specializing in advanced surgical techniques including minimally-invasive bunion surgery and total ankle replacement. Dr. Dederer see patients in the North Denver area and surrounding regions including Westminster, Broomfield, Thorton, and Erie.