Imaging Services

Here at Panorama, we offer in-house imaging services including MRI, X-ray, bone density, and weight-bearing CT scans, so that you can be scheduled quickly, following protocols recommended by your doctor. 

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How it Works

  1. Schedule your appointment through your MyChart Portal 
  2. Check-in through MyChart morning of your appointment  
  3. When you arrive, we will ask you safety screening questions to confirm. 
  4. You will be provided scrubs to change into at your appointment

Types of Imaging

MRIMagnetic Resonance Imaging, provided excellent visibility of soft tissue such as, ligaments, tendons, herniated discs in the spine, cysts, swelling and more.  

X-ray – light radiation technique used to generate images of tissues and structures inside the body.

Bone density – A DXA scan (duel energy x-ray absorptiometry) used to assess fracture risk and diagnose patients with osteoporosis.

Weight-bearing CT scan – A CT is often referred to as a CAT scan, (Computed Tomography) is a computerized x-ray imaging procedure used to generate images of tissues and structures inside the body, typically with more detail than your typical x-ray. 

Definitions from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and and Bioengineering 

Get the imaging you need

We work directly with Panorama Physicians to get you the right imaging for your care plan.  If you’re seeing a Panorama Physician, you’re already “in the system” and can easily schedule through your MyChart Portal. 

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Our Accredidations


We are accredited with American College of Radiology (ACR) for MRI and RadSite for CT.

Imaging is available at the following locations:

*X-ray imaging is available at all Panorama Orthopedic & Spine locations

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I have music to listen to while I get my MRI?

I hear MRI is very loud, how do I protect my hearing?

When will I get my results?

What if I am claustrophobic?

What is an open magnet vs. a closed magnet?

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