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When it comes to foot and ankle problems, there is no better place to receive care than Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center. We have the largest orthopedic foot and ankle team in Colorado and within the Rocky Mountain region, with four board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic specialists.

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World Class Foot & Ankle Care

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Our specialists are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat all acute injuries and chronic conditions of the foot and ankle, in young children and teens, as well as in active adults and seniors. Panorama’s physicians have undergone years of orthopedic residency training, including fellowships in foot and ankle reconstruction. Their experience makes them specially equipped to treat any condition from the toes to the knee, including complex foot and ankle deformities, sports injuries, arthritis, cartilage injuries, bunions and hammertoes.

A common misconception is that when you see an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon you will be discussing surgery. This is not true! In most cases, surgery is a last resort. In fact, fewer than 10 percent of Panorama patients who see an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist go onto surgery.

We have many conservative treatments available. Some of these include: bracing, modifying footwear, orthotics/ inserts, physical therapy, injections or medications. Some patients may also benefit from protection within a boot or a cast.

If surgery is necessary, we offer advanced options at facilities that specialize in orthopedic care. Golden Ridge Surgery Center and OrthoColorado Hospital are the only orthopedic specialty facilities in the region, providing orthopedic-specific physicians, nurses and care teams.

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Common Injuries & Treatments

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Understanding Achilles Tendon Injuries

Orthotics – Help for Hurting Feet

Foot Sprains, Strains & Fractures

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Foot and Ankle Team

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