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When the unexpected happens, you want experience and skill at the wheel. Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center serves Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region as the state’s premier trauma referral center through our work at St. Anthony Hospital, the busiest Level 1 trauma center in Colorado.

Specialization is what sets apart our team of surgeons. That’s why when orthopedic injuries are too severe to be treated near home, health care providers trust Panorama Orthopedics to care for the patients in their community.

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Meet our Trauma Physicians

Our physicians are fellowship-trained orthopedic traumatologists, a designation that requires extra training. They are uniquely capable of handling the most complex cases with the latest technologies.

In addition to traumatologists, Panorama Orthopedics’ trauma service includes certified physician assistants specializing in trauma and a patient liaison. The entire team works together to deliver the highest quality care with the best possible clinical outcomes.


Our trauma physicians specialize in complex fracture care — including complex fractures of the femur and tibia — hand and arm injuries, foot and ankle trauma, pelvic and total joint fractures and multiple ligament injuries around the shoulder and knee.

Other physicians in our group assist by working internally as a team, on call for one another and for emergencies. They offer follow-up care for patients and are available to answer any questions they may have. For example, the spine surgeons at Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center manage all spine trauma at St. Anthony Hospital. Cases range from motor vehicle accidents to spine trauma from the ski slopes.

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Trauma Outreach Program

Hospitals nationwide are placed in various categories based on their abilities to handle trauma cases. The most severe, life-threatening trauma cases — including those requiring orthopedic surgery — are sent to Level 1 trauma facilities. These hospitals must have a trauma surgeon physically in the hospital 24 hours a day, and consultants available within 20 minutes if needed. At St. Anthony Hospital, emergency physicians, trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, critical care doctors, anesthesiologists, radiologists, nurses and CT techs are in-house, 24 hours a day and immediately available to trauma patients.

Most Level 1 trauma centers are associated with a university medical school, where resident physicians in training can help cover the volume of patients seen. St. Anthony Hospital is unique in that it is a private hospital not affiliated with a university.

It has contracted with the physicians of Panorama Orthopedics to provide orthopedic trauma coverage. This arrangement helps guarantee the emergency department will be covered 24/7 by an experienced orthopedic team. It’s just one way Panorama is serving our community by working closely with hospital partners.

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center and Common Spirit worked together in a Trauma Outreach Program that developed a network of referral hospitals across the state and region to bring complex orthopedic trauma cases into St. Anthony Hospital. In addition, St. Anthony’s “Flight for Life” provides both fixed wing and helicopter air-ambulance to enhance this service.