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Finally Pain Free: Three Hip Replacements in Three Years  

Posted on May 30, 2023

Terry Grandfield shares how his right hip revision surgery by Dr. Jesse Chrastil gave him his life back   As Terry entered his third hip replacement surgery in less than three years, he did so with complete confidence… despite his last experience.  The difference was Dr. Jesse Chrastil and his team at Panorama.  Terry Grandfield had … read more

Celebrating Occupational Therapy Month

Posted on April 26, 2023

Panorama Patients and Colleagues Shoutout OT’s Positive Impact April is officially Occupational Therapy Month, where we celebrate OT’s and the impact they make on our patient’s lives. This year, fellow team members and patients gave shoutouts in honor of Panorama’s Occupational Therapists and the positive difference they’ve made. Read Below! Savannah Sprague, OT “Savannah is … read more

Durable, Nickel-free knee replacement option comes to Panorama 

Posted on March 27, 2023

Dr. Lammens explains the benefits of the Legion Total Knee Replacement System  Starting this year, Panorama is able to offer patients a new nickel-free knee replacement option for patients: The Legion Total Knee System.  Don’t be fooled – the Legion knee has delivered quality performance for decades and Dr. Peter Lammens, total joint replacement and … read more

Intracept by Relivient for Lower Back Pain

Posted on March 15, 2023 | Tagged: ,

If you are experiencing chronic, axial (midline), non-specific lower back pain for six months or longer and have failed conservative therapies, Intracept basivertebral nerve ablation can help you to reduce your pain. The Intracept by Relivient, is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure targeted to ablate the Basivertebral Nerve in the vertebral body to significantly improve … read more

mild® Procedure – Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression

Posted on March 15, 2023 | Tagged:

What is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS)? LSS is a condition in which the lower spinal canal narrows and compresses the spinal nerves in the lower back.  This compression often results in pain and mobility issues.If you: You might be suffering from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS). Take your next step to mild If you’re suffering from LSS … read more