Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder arthritis can cause pain and limit a person’s ability to move their shoulder. We offer a variety of treatments for shoulder arthritis, from physical therapy to joint injections and cellular treatments. When conservative treatment options fail to relieve the pain we offer options for shoulder replacement. In a total shoulder replacement we can replace your entire shoulder joint leaving you with a new shoulder. For individuals who are older and may have had a shoulder replacement that was not successful, we also offer complex revision shoulder surgeries and reverse total shoulder replacements.

Dr. Charles Gottlob, Dr. Jon-Michael Caldwell, Dr. Daniel Haber, Dr. James Johnson and Dr. David Schneider are experts in shoulder replacement and reverse total shoulder replacements. Together they perform more of these complex surgeries than any where else in the Region.

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Soft Tissue Injuries

Often seen in athletes or those experiencing trauma from falls or repetitive strain, soft tissue injuries like ligament or labral tears can result in pain and instability. Our team offers a wide array of treatment options to alleviate discomfort and help with the healing process.

We understand that each patient’s experience with shoulder pain is unique, which is why we provide a range of tailored treatment options to address varying degrees of severity. Our approach emphasizes conservative therapies aimed at reducing pain and improving mobility before considering more invasive interventions.

Shoulder Instability

Repeated shoulder dislocations require the attention of an experienced shoulder surgeon. Fixing the problem or preventing it from happening again could require advanced surgical methods to make sure the shoulder gets back to normal, and our team at Panorama is ready and able to perform these kinds of shoulder replacement surgeries!

Our orthopedic specialists are highly experienced in performing a wide range of surgical procedures aimed at addressing shoulder arthritis and restoring optimal joint function.

Rotator Cuff Tears

Treatment approaches for rotator cuff tears have evolved significantly. While partial or minor tears may respond to conservative management, extensive or full-thickness tears often require surgical repair. Our adept surgeons utilize arthroscopic methods for precise repair and quicker recovery. However, successful rehabilitation overseen by shoulder specialists is necessary to get the best results post-surgery.

Total Shoulder Replacement

For eligible candidates, total shoulder replacement offers a highly effective long-term solution for severe shoulder arthritis. During this procedure, the damaged components of the shoulder joint are replaced with artificial implants, effectively restoring smooth, pain-free movement and improving overall shoulder function.

To learn more about the Panorama difference, get in contact with our team of specialists! We have locations across the Denver area, and are ready to help you control your shoulder pain.

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