Zimmer Biomet mymobility® with Apple Watch Clinical Study

Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center one of nine group practice centers in the nation to participate in the Zimmer Biomet mymobility® Clinical Study.

Many patients undergoing two of the most common surgeries Americans undergo each year—knee and hip replacement—will soon have the opportunity to try the Zimmer Biomet mymobility app. The app uses Apple Watch® technology to connect patients and their surgical teams to deliver continuous data to optimize patient care and outcomes in one of the largest evidence-gathering clinical studies in orthopedic history.

Zimmer Biomet’s mymobility® Clinical Study is designed to assess the impact of this mobile app on outcomes and overall costs for joint replacement patients. During this research study, patients will use Zimmer Biomet’s mymobility app with their iPhone® and Apple Watch. Researchers will combine patient-reported feedback with continuous health and activity data from Apple Watch to guide patients through pre- and post-op care and gain new insights that may impact the standard of care for these common surgeries.

Patients must have an iPhone 6 or newer and need a hip or knee replacement to participate in the study. A Zimmer Biomet hip or knee replacement product will be used.

The patient can easily connect with their caregivers and surgical team through the use of the mymobility app on the Apple iPhone.


The Apple Watch gives patients convenient notifications that make it easy for patients to know and follow through on their individual recovery plan. Through mymobility, patients can access their rehabilitation exercises via videos on their iPhone.The app can track your activity and allow you to have secure messaging with your care team.

Watch this short video to see how the mymobility app works:

Transforming Knee and Hip Replacement Care with Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet mymobility with Apple Watch will act as a virtual and continuous care team on a patient’s wrist. Patients will be provided with virtual support and guidance as they prepare for and recover from these surgeries, while surgeons will be delivered continuous data to optimize care.

The app has several features that use both Apple Watch and iPhone including the ability for surgeons to send education and therapy reminders directly to the patient’s Apple Watch®. The app also allows surgeons to monitor patient activity levels throughout the days and weeks while they are preparing for and recovering from surgery.


To participate in the study, patients must have an iPhone 6 or newer and meet the study qualifications. If you are selected to participate you will be provided an Apple Watch for the duration of the clinical study.


Apple Watch and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. mymobility is a registered trademark of Zimmer Biomet