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Dr. Nimesh Patel is a Harvard-trained surgeon. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon focusing on orthopedic trauma and total joint replacement. After graduating from Emory University, he obtained his medical degree from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. His orthopedic training was completed at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans, Louisiana. During this time, Dr. Patel decided to spend an additional year of training focusing on musculoskeletal trauma. He completed this fellowship with the Partners Orthopaedic Trauma Service at Harvard Medical School. His specialized interests include pelvic and acetabular fractures, malunions, non-unions, intra-articular fractures, and hip and knee replacements.

Dr. Patel does not believe in a one-size fits all approach to orthopedics.  He believes everyone has a different goal, and he hones in on what is important to each patient in their recovery journey. He takes the time to listen to his patients, understand what they hope to achieve and than tailors a treatment plan to that – whether they need surgery or not.

When he was young, Dr. Patel always liked science classes and going to school he knew that he wanted to help people and do something tangible with science. When he went through medical school he found that he really enjoyed the general surgery rotation because he liked the hands-on work in the operating room and enjoyed the satisfaction that comes along with fixing things and being able to see improvement right away. From there he became interested in orthopedic surgery and knew he could make a tremendous impact in the lives of his patients. While Dr. Patel was in New Orleans completing his residency, he became interested in orthopedic trauma and started to become comfortable with performing hip and knee replacements. He found that orthopedic trauma surgery was a very gratifying area to work. He liked that as a surgeon he knew what the end result needed to be.  “Each injury is like it’s own puzzle – the goal is fitting together all the pieces to get the x-ray to look correct and allow the person to get back to a normal, pre-injury lifestyle, says Dr. Patel. “Everyone hopes to get back to doing what they love. This is a challenge that I enjoy taking on and helping patients through this is rewarding,” he adds.

As an orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Patel is trained to work on all areas of the body versus one specialty area. While Dr. Patel treats all types of orthopedic trauma he specializes in pelvic reconstructive surgery. and repairing broken femurs and complicated fractures that involve previous hip or knee replacements. In Colorado, Dr. Patel sees a lot of orthopedic injuries that result from skiing, rock climbing falls, or biking accidents – the type of injuries in Colorado are unique in that people in other areas of the country don’t have the highly active lifestyles we have in Colorado. Sports related traumatic injuries, high-energy trauma – including, falls from heights, motorcycle or car accidents and multiple system trauma are all injuries that he sees regularly.

In addition to his work in orthopedic trauma, Dr. Patel is a specialist in joint replacement.  He performs primary hip and knee replacements, as well as complicated revision joint replacements. He enjoys helping people who have worsening arthritis feel better and be able to get back to doing things that haven’t done in years. It is rewarding.

Dr Patel is married and has four young boys.  Growing up Dr Patel liked soccer and tennis and today he still plays soccer every Sunday. He loves the Colorado lifestyle and the mountains – hiking 14ers, skiing in the winter with his wife and boys and spending time with his family and friends. In his free time he tends to read a fair amount and as a self-proclaimed “foodie”. He enjoys cooking all types of food from grilling to pizza to sushi.

Dr. Patel sees patients at Panorama’s offices in Golden and Westminster.

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