Orthopedic Research and Outcomes

The field of orthopedics is rapidly advancing, from the evolution of hip implants to the way that we prevent blood clots, all a result of research with the goal of providing less expensive and more convenient care to all patients. Similar to their predecessors who helped to revolutionize what it means to have a good outcome in orthopedics, our team believes that to be a leader at the top of orthopedic surgery you must not only be a great physician and surgeon – consistently producing superior outcomes, but you must also remain intellectually stimulated – working on iterations of proven techniques and researching ways to improve for patients and for the future of the discipline. Panorama is a dedicated leader in orthopedics, consistently providing excellent patient care that is backed by an increasing commitment to improving through research. Our talented team of surgeons are among the most dedicated to their fields, each one thriving on challenging cases and the challenge to improve their skills and their specialty.

Our surgeons from every service line work on collaborative research ensuring that we are able to offer our patients every treatment option from tried and true to the most cutting edge in evidence based medicine. We offer a unique combination of the resources and novel research of academia and fellowship trained and experienced physicians using their superior technical skill to care for patients within a private setting. Our primary goal is to produce the highest quality care and value for every patient.

As we continue to move forward, we remain on top of the rapidly advancing field of orthopedics. Our surgeons fly across the country and around the world to teach the newest techniques to their peers and collaborate with others on future improvements. Our practice is repeatedly chosen by top companies to run research projects on the basis of experience with research, technical skill, outcomes, resource pool and ability to handle studies.

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    Panorama Doctors on the Leading Edge of Orthopedic Research

    Panorama Orthopedics has been a leader in orthopedic care for over 70 years. Our surgeons have continued to be on the cutting edge of advancements for patient care through continued education, skills courses and research. Many of our surgeons are considered experts by their peers and are often teaching them the newest techniques, tools and outcomes in orthopedics. With the addition of the Colorado Center for Bone Research, Panorama has made orthopedic and bone research a priority, aiming to enhance patient care at every step.

    Incorporating metabolic bone specialists and orthopedic experts, Panorama has the unique ability to participate and cultivate research on every front of orthopedic care. Panorama is widely recognized as a select site for research studies across the industry – from bone health medications to surgical equipment. Currently, Panorama is participating in many studies for patients of all kinds. If you think you may be eligible for one of our studies, please fill out a form to send to the research team for more information.

    Current Research Studies

    Chronic Pain Research Study

    MyMobility Apple Watch Study for Joint Replacement Patients

    Ampion for Knee Osteoarthritis - Closed to Enrollment

    Joint Replacement Patients - We Are One of 17 Sites in the US to Participate in the Zimmer Biomet Mymobility with Apple Watch Study

    If you are undergoing a Joint Replacement at Panorama Orthopedics you may be able to participate in one of the largest clinical studies in orthopedic history. Dr. Kinder, Dr. Foran and Dr. Peace will head up this study at Panorama and were selected to participate in a new collaborative research effort between Apple and Zimmer Biomet.

    This study will be looking at the potential to impact the experience of hip and knee replacement patients through unprecedented connection between surgeon, medical care team, and patient. As patients progress through hip or knee replacement,they will be able to use the tools and system of this study, which include an Apple Watch and an iPhone paired with Zimmer’s mymobilityTM app, the surgeons and their patients will have continuous communication and data sharing both before and after surgery. Surgeons will be able to share exercises and educational materials throughout the process of preoperative preparation and post-operative recovery.

    The surgeons at Panorama are particularly excited to be able to implement the newest technologies like that of this research study to help improve patient outcomes. They are hopeful that it will lead to better informed decisions during the patient experience.

    It is the goal of Panorama that using the data from this study, the cost, recovery and standards of care will be improved within Panorama and across the board.

    Denver orthopedic surgeons

    Patients who would like to participate in this study will incur no additional costs and will be provided an Apple Watch to help in participation.


    This study has the potential to enroll as many as 10,000 hip and knee replacement patients, just 1% of the annual hip and knee replacements that take place in the United states every year. Through the use of a smartphone and wrist-worn wearable, the mymobility app provides instruction and opportunities for enhanced engagement between the patient and healthcare provider.

    This mobile application is designed to work with Apple Watch® to remind patients to check their smartphone application daily, to read pre-planned and timed educational information, perform tasks, and complete assigned exercises. Understanding their condition and care plan gives patients the ability to actively participate in optimizing their surgical outcome.

    If you are interested, ask yourself:

    1. Do you have symptomatic osteoarthritis and potentially need a hip or knee replacement?
    2. Are you over the age of 18?
    3. Do you own an iPhone® 6 or later?
    4. Are you currently able to walk or move unassisted or with only a single cane or crutch to help you?

    If you answered yes to these questions, contact us to see if you qualify. Patients participating in this study will incur no additional costs and be provided with an Apple Watch to participate.