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Who Should You See for Orthopedic Pain?

Posted on May 28, 2021

When you are experiencing pain in a muscle, tendon, ligament or joint, start by seeing a pain management specialist.  Since most musculoskeletal injuries are non-surgical, starting with a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating orthopedic pain makes sense. Pain management doctors treat anything other than a fracture and are also experts in diagnosing nerve … read more

Getting the Right Care, At the Right Time, for A Hand or Wrist Injury

Posted on May 20, 2021

We use our hands and fingers every day for work, cooking, getting dressed, brushing our teeth and for sports. It is important to make sure that if your hand or wrist is injured, proper care is provided from a doctor who specializes in treating such injuries so you can enjoy proper and pain-free function for years to come. Unfortunately, … read more

Just Breathing Can Strengthen Your Core

Posted on April 10, 2021

Breathing properly can have a lot of benefits – from reducing stress, relieving pain, lowering blood pressure to strengthening the core and helping with overall posture, balance and movement.  One of the most underrated exercises is training the breath. Often stress is to blame for this as we find ourselves stuck in a momentary state … read more

Who Should I See for My Foot or Ankle Pain?

Posted on March 18, 2021

Navigating care in today’s healthcare world can be hard. How do you know who to see for foot and ankle pain – an orthopedic foot & ankle doctor or a podiatrist? Many times people wonder when it is appropriate to see a foot and ankle specialist versus seeing a podiatrist for their foot and ankle … read more

Facet Arthritis – A Common Cause for Neck and Back Pain

Posted on March 18, 2021

Facet arthritis is common condition that causes neck and back pain we age. The facet joints are small joints on the backside of the spine. We have two at each vertebrae and level of the spine. As we get older, these joints can become arthritic the same way other joints and in the body can.  … read more