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Sprint PNS: Non-narcotic and Nonsurgical pain relief

Posted on March 15, 2023

If you are suffering from a temporary pain and looking for a non-narcotic, non-surgical alternative for your chronic and acute pain relief, then Sprint Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) System may be for you. SPR-PNS is a minimally invasive treatment to relieve: How it works? The Sprint-PNS System works by connecting a wearable stimulator to a … read more

ReActiv8 – Restorative Nerve Stimulation for Back Pain

Posted on March 15, 2023 | Tagged: ,

ReActiv8 is an implantable restorative neuro-stimulation system to treat intractable axial low back pain. It is proved through clinical research that ReActiv8 is the only proven neuro-stimulation system to address mechanical intractable axial low back pain by restoring spinal motor control. You may be a candidate for ReActiv8 if: ReActiv8 placement ReActiv8 system is implanted … read more

What is A Physiatrist?

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A physiatrist is a non-operative doctor who has been trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They are sometimes referred to as a Pain Management doctor, because they specialize in pain management. Panorama’s pain management team includes four board-certified physiatrists –  Dr. Karen Knight, Dr. Michael Horner, Dr. Mike Lersten and Dr. E. Taylor Abel.  Together, … read more

Osteoarthritis of the Big Toe 

Posted on March 8, 2023

Osteoarthritis is a disease that can affect every joint of the body, it leads to a breakdown of the cartilage cushioning in the joint. This wear and tear can cause chronic pain, stiffness and swelling, eventually causing those affected to stop doing the things that they love for fear of making the pain worse.  When … read more

Lapiplasty: A New Treatment Option for Bunions

Posted on March 8, 2023

If you have painful bunions, there is a new, patented treatment option that aims to fix the root cause of the bunion and can often times have patients walking again within days of the surgery. Lapiplasty 3D bunion correction is the newest way to address and repair bunions. Dr Desai is offering this exciting, new treatment … read more