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I went from struggling to cross the living room to being able to do everything I want without any pain!

Glenna Welge
Gardner and Patient of Dr. Peace

Welcome International Patients

When health care systems consider your pain non-urgent and leave you waiting months or years for surgery, know that you have another option. Stop waiting, Panorama Orthopedics wants to help you get back to feeling better and doing more. We can help make having surgery easier and sooner.

With over 30 highly trained and specialized physicians, we can provide you with the best care possible. Our physicians see patients from throughout the United States and around the world at our state of the art facilities. No matter how far you travel, Panorama Orthopedics will make your surgical journey is stress free and convenient for you.


We have a bundled joint replacement services package for our international patients that informs you of everything included when you pay the flat rate fee for surgery. We also provide you with a concierge to help you with your travel arrangement and hotel accommodations.

Our physicians do surgery at our very own orthopedic hospital, OrthoColorado located in Denver, Colorado. This hospital ranks among the highest in the United States for patient care and patient satisfaction, and our ownership means we can give you the best value.

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Why you Shouldn't Wait- The Dangers of Delaying Orthopedic Surgery

Things to Consider when Choosing a Joint Replacement Surgeon

Does your surgeon specialize in joint replacement?

How many joint replacement surgeries do they perform each year?

Where will my surgery take place?

How much will it cost?

What is the plan after surgery?

Why Panorama Orthopedics

Panorama Orthopedics is one of the largest orthopedic centers in the US and is considered a premier center of excellence for orthopedic care. With a higher value and better outcomes than the US and Canadian national averages, you can be assured of the quality you will receive at Panorama Orthopedics.

Better Surgeons
It is this specialization and focus, along with a commitment to constant improvement that allows us to be the very best at what we do. With such a large team of doctors, each is able to focus solely on their individual specialty. Every orthopedic surgeon at Panorama is fellowship-trained. This means that beyond their general orthopedic training they have gone on to specialize in one individual area of orthopedics. This specialization means our doctors become experts in their area of focus. This is correlated with greater quality – for you that translates into less pain, better outcomes, shorter hospital stays, fewer infections and higher patient satisfaction. By having physicians who focus their practice in highly specialized areas, our patients are treated with more skill, more experience and a better understanding of their needs.


Better Value
At Panorama, we own the whole scope of your care process. From your pre-operation consultation to your post-operation rehabilitation and recovery. For this reason we are able to control the costs and give you the specialized care you deserve. Each and everyone of your caretakers is a specialist in orthopedic medicine and every part of our facility and system was designed with your orthopedic care in mind.


Source: Medicare.gov/hospitalcompare

Better Outcomes at OrthoColorado

Orthocolorado locationOrthoColorado is the region’s only orthopedic specialty hospital. Because we specialize in treating only orthopedic conditions, every aspect of our hospital was specially designed to accommodate the needs of orthopedic patients. We are proud to offer exceptional outcomes, lower infection rates and the highest patient satisfaction rates in the state.

At OrthoColorado the average patient is able to leave the hospital in almost half the time as the US average and in under half of the time of the Canadian average.

OrthoColorado has less than half the surgical site infection rate of the US average.

Each one of our surgeons performs between 300 – 500 joint replacements annually, more than four times as many as the average Canadian surgeon. Repetition breeds excellence as they say.


*Sources: Hip and Knee Replacements in Canada: Canadian Joint Replacement Registry 2015 Annual Report, CIHI & Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality/Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, 2012 data

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